Our care instructions

Wash at 40 degrees

40°C Easy care. Items made of modal, vis­cose or syn­thet­ic fibres such as poly­acrylic, poly­ester and polyamide. Do not fill the drum more than half full. Do not spin or only spin briefly because of the risk of creasing.

Wash at 30 degrees

30°C Easy Care. Same as 40°C Easy Care, but only for tem­per­a­ture-sen­si­tive fabrics.

Hand wash

Hand wash. Water tem­per­a­ture max. 40°C. Dis­solve fine/wool deter­gent well in plen­ty of water. Place tex­tiles float­ing in the deter­gent solu­tion, move care­ful­ly. Do not rub, tug or wring. Rinse tex­tiles well, squeeze out care­ful­ly and pull into shape. Treat the laun­dry quick­ly and do not leave it wet.

Do not wash


Do not bleach

Tumble dry

No tumble dryer


Do not iron hot

Cor­re­sponds to the iron tem­per­a­ture lev­el “poly­acrylic, polyamide, acetate”: If nec­es­sary, iron glossy or pres­sure-sen­si­tive arti­cles with a dry inter­me­di­ate cloth or on the reverse side. Take care when using steam irons. Do not warp. Iron inside out depend­ing on quality.

Iron moderately hot

Iron mod­er­ate­ly hot. Also cor­re­sponds to the iron tem­per­a­ture lev­el “Wool/Silk/Polyester/Viscose”: Iron under mod­er­ate­ly damp inter­me­di­ate cloth. Steam iron can be used. Avoid heavy press­ing. Do not dis­tort. Depend­ing on qual­i­ty, inside out.

Professional textile care

No solvents

Do not treat with sol­vents. Do not dry clean. Do not use stain removers con­tain­ing solvents.

Treatment with perchloroethylene and hydrocarbons

Nor­mal clean­ing pro­ce­dure with­out restric­tion. Com­mer­cial­ly avail­able sol­vent-based stain removers can be used with restric­tions. Test in advance on a con­cealed area.


Treat­ment in clean­ing machine with the fol­low­ing sol­vents: Hydro­car­bons. Clean­ing process with strict lim­i­ta­tion of mois­ture addi­tion and/or mechan­i­cal stress and/or tem­per­a­ture. Com­mer­cial­ly avail­able sol­vent-based stain removers must not be used.
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